Three Expert Tips For Bathroom Remodeling

When looking for ways to make your house more beautiful and more comfortable, don’t forget about the bathroom. A well-designed bathroom can be a place of refuge while you soak in an aromatic bath or take a long, hot shower. Few homeowners ever regret the money they put into making their bathroom a pleasant and attractive space. If you’re considering a bathroom renovation, you want to make sure that your money is well spent. Consider the following three tips from expert contractors:

It’s important to make a detailed plan before you start any work, and that plan should definitely include a budget. You’ll need to factor in the cost of materials and, if you’re making some big changes, the cost of hiring a remodeling contractor. But on top of that, you need to budget in unpredictable costs. In almost every project, something doesn’t go as planned. The remodeling work may reveal damage to the flooring or leaking pipes that you were never aware of but now have to fix. A good rule of thumb is to pad your budget with an extra 15% to cover unexpected costs.


One of the best ideas for remodeling a bathroom these days is to upgrade the shower. The garden tubs of recent years have fallen out of fashion lately in favor of bigger, more luxurious showers. If you have more than one bathtub in the house, considering replacing one with an extra-large shower. Some popular features include dual shower heads and steam and a bench for sitting down. Installing a large walk-in shower is also a great way to make your bathroom more accessible should anyone in your house have mobility issues.

Improving the ventilation in a bathroom is another valuable upgrade. Bathrooms are vulnerable to mold and mildew because surfaces are regularly exposed to moisture. An exhaust fan can help pull the moisture out of the air. Consider upgrading your current fan to one that has a built-in sensor that tells it when to turn on and off. This will help eliminate the problem of guests and family members who forget to use the fan when they take a shower.